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Cozy and Fun Pajamas

Jamie Lynn Rizzotti

Jamie Lynn Rizzotti

Jamie Lynn Rizzotti

Jamie Lynn Rizzotti

There is nothing like staying in your pjs and reading a good book! This pajama set is super fun and keeps me nice and warm all day long! I love the colorful stripes on these pajama bottoms and the fact that they are a sweater material. It really adds extra warmth and they are very different compared to other joggers that I have seen! The top is also super comfortable and has a cute saying "But first, presents" which is great for the holiday season!

Not only am I loving this pajama set but also this book called "Quiet" by Susan Cain. This book discusses the world of introverts in a society full of extroverted people. It is a great book for those who are introverted and feel that they are not seen as important as those who are more social than them. "Quiet" does a good job at stating the personality traits of those who are introverted and describes how they are needed in this world just as much as extroverted people. Whether you are an introvert or are simply interested in the study of psychology, this book would be great for you!





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